‘Be nice to people, it really is that simple’ – Bianca

Bianca has just done the voice over for a promo video for ‘The Stake’ a new competition aimed at young people, cooked up by Channel 4, Barclays and Livity.

She’s also actually in the video. I’ve stopped the cursor on 0.25, so you don’t have to!

Bianca doesn’t like to brag. So I’m doing it for her. Listen to her amazing voice/check it out! Isn’t she amazing!!!

More to the point, I wanted to find out how she got to do this in the first place. So I caught up with her after the SMJ’s get together on Saturday, to find out.

This is basically how it works. One day, a few years ago Bianca gets an email asking for contributions to Live Magazine. She doesn’t remember how it got there, ‘it came from nowhere – you know, that kind of thing happens quite alot’ she says. So Bianca started writing for Live Magazine, and it was through Live Magazine that she was recruited to take part in focus groups run by the hip, socially responsible youth engagement agency Livity. Channel 4 work with Livity and so it was through this that she was asked to be in the trailer for ‘The Stake’.’ I got an email and it was like ‘‘Hi Bianca – do you want to be an extra in an advert?’ . It  was during the filming that she got her chance for the voice-over. ‘When I was filming, half-way through one of the producers came up to me and was like ‘oh you’re Bianca’ and I said (faintly) ‘Yeah i’m Bianca, hello’ and he said,  ‘You’ve got a really nice voice and we’ve been told you’re really articulate and we’d like to use you to do the voice over and I was trying to be all cool like ‘oh, that sounds kinda good’.

So what starts with reading a random email, ends with Bianca being paid to speak for cash for 40 minutes in a Brixton studio. But is there more to it than that? I asked Bianca what her trick is for opening doors. Here it is in her own words, which are, quite frankly, as valuable as her voice! Take heed.

The trick. I wish there was a trick. Er..(pause) Just be nice? Probably? Be nice and be yourself. i know that’s what everyone says but, it really is that simple. be nice to people. Make people realise that you appreciate them and the opportunity they have given you. Send emails to people to say ‘thanks for this i really appreciated it’ as opposed to once it’s done, you discard them. Value every person. don’t value them for their connections, value them because you have a relationship with them and you find them interesting, because if you don’t there’s no point of associating yourself with them. I think alot of the people i work with, I get on with pretty well… and yeah! just be nice. Be proactive. Look for things. but be open minded at the same time but don’t be exploited. Because it’s hard to find a balance. confidence really helps. if you don’t have it fake it! i did for a while….

You can read more about Bianca’s thoughts on the the legacy of the craziness that is the London 2012 Olympics on her SMJ tumblr.

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