Who are the Headstarters?

I have been going through all the answers from the interview exercise at the last Headstart day. Thanks to Maria for sorting them all out. Some interesting things I picked out:

1. The US or Western Europe has no interest for the Headstarters. If Headstarters could go anywhere they’d go to places like South Korea, Japan and the countries of Central America.

2. If a Headstarter had £30 to spend this afternoon it would pretty much be a toss up between whether they spent it on food or clothes. Some of them would use it to pay back friends.

3. 10% of Headstarters think Spring is the best time of year to be in London. 30% think the Summer. 60% think Christmas (Nobody prefers Autumn).

4. These were the things that Headstarters would like to do, that they can’t do now. A definite travel, sleep, coping with work theme here.

Sleep or coursework
Get a job & sky dive
Write a novel
Using camera to create a film
A masters degree with no bank loan
To go on an adventure with a group of people
Change back time
Cope with school work
Travel without being held down
Manage time, family, work
Articulate myself to a higher level

I’ll see if I can pick out some more interesting things tomorrow.

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