Headstart Day 3

There is another get-together for all the Headstarters at Hackney Empire tomorrow. Much of the day will be spent finding out about, and planning the Closing Party for Discover Young Hackney. We will also be hearing from the amazing Jack who runs the Orange Dot (the Orange Dot are a creative agency, who do this) and picking a logo for Headstart.

The process of designing a logo is hard – everyone needs to throw their ideas in, but the result of that can’t be a rubbish compromise between what everyone wants. I guess it’s about getting the right kind of feedback and using it in the right kind of way. So erm, I’m sitting here thinking of ways we can have a conversation about the logo which isn’t just ‘which one do you like?’. I think we need something that reflects what headstarters are.. i.e. savvy, urban, artful, powerful.  I quite like these skate logos, but I guess there’s not enough similarity there for it to be a genre as such.

Anyway, here’s the logo’s we’re going to rip-up, trash, modify, discuss, improve tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


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