Tate Modern Review – Visit by Sandy

We headed on Saturday with the constant pictures crew to Tate Modern gallery to watch The Unilever Series, a short 11 minute film by Tacita Dean. As soon as I walked inside I knew we were in the right place, with all the windows covered; it gave the same feeling of walking into a cinema.  I thought the venue was perfect for screening this movie (For those who have never been there before it’s a wide hall with a very high up ceiling,) so it fitted nicely with the massive screen and the surprisingly only used one projector.The process of the movie itself was inspiring as it was hand-made using 24 frames per second, cut on a steen back cutting table. With all the amazing editing and colours so I could not begin to imagine how long that could have took.

Above displace two steady images that was used; this film reel was used during the whole film. As we stepped closer to the screen, we could see the film reel shaking which gave me  the impression that it was rolling.  I loved how Tacita Dean kept splitting the screen in orders, from only one shot of the window, to two shots, three shots and so on.

The film didn’t follow a story so I was confused at times, however with all the editing, it attracted me to still watch it more than twice. Even though I knew it was a silence movie, when I heard a loud bang,  I immediately thought it was included in the film to break the tradition of silence movies. But sadly it wasn’t which in my opinion made it more powerful because it reminded me that I wasn’t in a cinema.

Me outside Tate Modern.

The Unilever Series will still be played in the Tate Modern Gallery until March the 11th, do check it out. Here is the link to Tacite Dean Project and the Tate Modern Gallery check them out



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