Arts Hero – Chris Corner

I chose to talk about Chris Corner as my inspiration because of his multi-talents and style of work. Chris Corner is a 38-year-old British music artist and songwriter, and is currently working with the IAMX solo project that started in 2004. In that project, he produced four albums and is actively working on his fifth. The project focuses on the genres of alternative / electro / indie. He has worked with other acts such as Imogen Heap and Robots in Disguise.

While Chris has a singing voice that I can’t see myself getting sick of, he is also impressive when it comes to directing and editing some of his own music videos. He has a very edgy personality and shows that successfully in his music videos with his authentic ideas and strong lyrics (about sexuality, politics, religion, death and emotions). I admire how creative he is and always look forward to his next album and music video because he is unpredictable.

In an interview with Frank Spinath, Chris said:

“I’m a bit of a control freak. I’m slightly obsessive about making sure that everything is the way that I want it to be. I feel bad if somebody tries hard to make me happy, you know, with a piece of art or with a piece of music and… I find it difficult to say I don’t like things. So I don’t ever want to put myself in that position. It’s easier if I just do everything myself. I think there is an obsessive kind of workaholic side [of me] that I got from my dad.”

Below is an IAMX music video of ‘My Secret Friend’ sung, directed and edited by Chris Corner and featuring Imogen Heap.

My presentation on Chris Corner


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One thought on “Arts Hero – Chris Corner

  1. Eelyn says:

    Great to find out about what and who inspires you Shajna….. make sure you show 1 or 2 clips of Chris Corner’s work at your presentation on Tuesday so everyone gets a sense of his style. Thanks

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