My Hero – Sebastian ‘Upshot’ Thiel by Jonelle

Who is Sebastian Thiel?

Born in Zambia, South central Africa, 18 year old Sebastian Thiel is one of the UK’s most promising young entrepreneurs. He has achieved one of the biggest entertainment empires in youth culture – ‘Upshot’. Upshot began in August 2007, and consists of: Clothing and several entertainment ventures, including an online television channel. Despite Thiel having an interest in emblazoned t-shirts, his first love was basketball from his early ages. Thiel wasn’t a teen to get involved in trouble. He went on to securing 9 A-C GCSE grades. He is also an experienced video editor/graphic designer, and has worked for high-profile clients such as, Nike, Adidas and music channel, Kiss.

Why is he my hero?

I chose Sebastian Thiel to be my hero, not only because of the how incredibly successful he is at such a young age, but because of the motivational mission he has set. Which is to ‘combat rise in gun and knife related crimes…unite disenfranchised young people through positive performances from some of their favourite acts’. As his mission applies to me; being that I’m a young person, im inspired by the goals he’s set and what he has achieved. Making him my inspiration, hence, hero.

Here are pictures of me presenting my hero:

Here is a link to an interview with Sebastian Thiel, and below are videos of some of his most recent work.

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One thought on “My Hero – Sebastian ‘Upshot’ Thiel by Jonelle

  1. Eelyn says:

    He is very inspiring. See if you can transfer that inspiration to your audience at the presentation on Tuesday. Choose a couple of clips to illustrate your talk.

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