Rendition of Hackney VJ Project Plan

Hey Headstart World! I am currently working on my VJ Project for the closing ceremony for Discover Young Hackney Festival, which is being organized by A New Direction & Headstart Team!

The Planning: The plan is simple but creatively complexed. My VJ Set is a musical remix of my documentary entitled “Multicultural Britain as Olympic Host” . The Title of my VJ Set is…“Rendition of Hackney”.  I have started by creating a shopping list of various locations around Hackney Borough I would like to use for my VJ Set. After filming my interviews, I will select from various clips and note down the key words and body langauges which stand out the most. The selected clips will be included in my VJ Set, to create the Remix version of my Documentary which will be accompanied by a menage of songs.

I began to search for inspiration of other films, similar to my VJ Set idea and through the help of Francis (Eelyn Productions Editor), I  found ‘                                      ‘  After watching this film, I started thinking of creative ways to portray my VJ Set. I want people to have the impression that they are witnessing a music video about hackney, accompanied by a menage of songs which creates a new song on its own.

I will update you within a week or so, to let you know how I am getting on.

Peace & Thanks for Reading!

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