Robot VS Anime at Young Hackney Event.

Performing The VJ set at the young hackney event was very exhilarating, we brought everything that we learned during rehearsals into a one shot performance. Doing it live was absolutely amazing, it was frightening yet entertaining!

After collecting our clips and edited the chosen ones, the next step was rehearsing it live.During the practise sessions, it was so hard I was pulling my hair out (We needed to act fast and remember everything we taught. Picking the layers and ordering them was the hardest. But as the practise went on, it was exciting and we recognise a good division between me and my partner. Both of us were doing it live using the same Mac, so we had to find a good spot to divide our task.

The reaction I got from the audience was very satisfying, most of the them didn’t expect the VJ to be this style.

This video is a recorded version not the actual Live performance.

Here is also a short interview before my VJ performance.

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