The Monster Mash – VJ Exhibition by Jonelle

At the Discover Young Hackney event, I helped my team, Constant Pictures, with the filming of the event. Plus, I also performed my VJ set towards the end of the night. The event went really well, as it consisted of many up and coming artists. Such as performances from musicians; poets; dancers and work from fashion designers. However, as the venue as a building, was not as pleasant as the acts, which I feel let the event down.

Performing the VJ set was very nerve wracking for me, because I had to perform it live to the audience using the VDMX software. But whilst performing the VJ, I became relaxed and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the reaction of many people, as the majority of the audience had left after seeing one of the performers. But the feedback that I did receive was positive.

The Discover Young Hackney event taught me that film making is a lot harder than it looks, as that was the first time I had ever filmed before. I also gained the experience of knowing how it feels to perform in front of a live audience.

Below is my VJ film and an interview of me after the exhibition:

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