The Monster Mash – VJ Production by Jonelle

During the production of my VJ – ‘The Monster Mash’ – I have been collecting clips from film trailers and music videos to use in the VJ. The clips included trailers such as The Ring and Frankenstien, and music videos from Michael Jackson. I chose these clips because they fitted in with my theme of comedy and horror.

When it came time to edit the clips into a short film, I developed my original idea by putting more thought into what exactly I’m going to show in the film. Also, I planned the storyline, of how the film would start and end. I did this by cutting out my favourite pieces from the clips I’d collected; then place them into my film, where I felt it would work best.

However, to do all of this, I had the help of Francis. He showed me how to use the editing software (Final Cut Pro) to complete my VJ film. As well as the software to apply overlays to the film – VDMX.

Michael Jackson‘s music video Thriller, is the main clip used in my VJ, as his intro is funny, but also fearful.

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