Arts Award – Youssef Chahine

My inspiration is the Egyptian director/producer Youssef Chahine (1926-2008); by the age of 20 he moved to L.A to study acting.  I choose Youssef Chahine because he broke the traditions in film making in Egypt, from the native he chooses to the directing and the acting.

His stories were always disturbing for the Egyptian audience yet they couldn’t have enough of it, he involves the dark humanities in the Middle East through his films from sexual frustration, homosexuality and religion. Most of these themes weren’t explicit but yet we could see them when we focus on the film.

Chahine inspired me to think about films in a different way, not only to satisfy the audience but to also satisfy myself as a film-maker, who wants to show something new.  Most of his films hold a huge amount of acting crew, as he had more than 5-6 stars in one film.

He never looks back when he starts something “I would like to recall to the creators, like as with the politicians, as once a decision taken, it is necessary to know…to be able to go until the end. The hesitation can lead only to the failure.”

Here is a quick interview with Youssef Chahine.

the heroes presentation

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One thought on “Arts Award – Youssef Chahine

  1. Eelyn says:

    Sounds really interesting Sandy. Make sure you show a few examples of his work at your presentation on Tuesday to give people a flavour of his work 🙂

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