My tour of the Olympic Stadium and my portraits through the windows of the Olympic tour bus

Written by Frances Baker

Last week I was taken on a tour of the Olympic grounds.  From the passion of the tour leader to seeing the hard work of the builders, I felt a real sense of British pride but what really inspired and excited me was the potential of the Olympic Space. There is so much room for communities to be built.

As a young photographer, I want to see space where other young artists can learn and interact with others. At University I really struggled there was no support network and definitely no preparation for life after University.

I have been lucky enough to have a number of role models from currently working at The Big Society Network to being part of the Headstart programme at A New Direction. 

Young people today are being branded by youth unemployment but why not brand young people with something positive.

Why not use some of the Olympic space to run a creative centre run by young people and for young people. A space where dancers can work with painters and photographers can work with graphic designers and not have to pay for the privilege. A space for people to be as creative as they want and meet like minded friends, London doesn’t have to be a big scary city, Stratford could be a hub for young creative’s. What better way to make Britain a happier place.

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