Constant Pictures – Skills Sharing Workshop


We, Constant Pictures, were told that we were going to be running a workshop to share skills that we have learned since starting the Headstart programme. We used one of our weekly sessions to plan the workshop. We first brainstormed all the skills we gained such as operating the Canon 7D camera, using the sound kit, directing, interviewing and blogging and then we had to decide what skills we wanted to share in the 90 minutes workshop. We had a rough idea of who our audience were going to be; 15 – 25 year old disabled people so we chose skills that we felt would be most useful to them and that met the purpose of the workshop, which was to explain the roles in filmmaking.

Each of us had a role and a skill to teach in the workshop. I was in charge of explaining and showing the audience how to use the Canon 7D camera. We wanted to avoid information overload so I wrote a list of key things about the camera, like types of shots, exposure, lens, formatting memory cards, zoom and focus.


When the day of the workshop arrived, I found out that there was a small change of plan, we were no longer running the workshop for the young disabled people (that is to be scheduled for another day), instead we were running it for a few members of other Headstart groups and two staff from A New Direction. Because our audience got smaller, we scrapped the idea of splitting the audience into two groups.

We had an hour to go through the plan before guests arrived and came to a decision that each of us would have five minutes to talk about our roles and skills.

Fauve started off with the introduction and then showed the audience three 1 minute films by Constant Pictures and a short Q&A was followed straight after that. We then moved on to sharing the skills: Fauve – Interviewing, Me – Camera, Jonelle – Sound, Sandy – Directing, Muzzammil – Downloading Footage.

Me demonstrating how to use a Canon 7D

We also had half an hour of practical activity where the audience got to experience the different roles we told them about. We gave them a simple task to produce footage of a couple of interviews about people’s favourite films.

While we helped them out with the task, we gave them full control and then looked back at the clips they recorded to give them some feedback.

Practical Activity


I thought the workshop went well despite the fact that I get nervous easily. I didn’t feel overprepared or underprepared but I did feel that the workshop wasn’t exciting enough. The audience told us that they enjoyed the practical activity the most so if I was to do this workshop again, I’d take a more practical, hands-on approach.

What our audience thought of the workshop:

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