Skills sharing workshop

Last week we had to pass our skills that we had learned in these few months, to a group of new recruits. We should have been divided into groups and gave a full description and explanation of each of our responsibilities. However we only had 3 people from A New Direction crew, which changed the way we performed the workshop.

Each member of constant pictures took a role to teach from camera to interviewing techniques, my role was directing.

Before the workshop we had to prepare what we’ll teach them in a 5 minutes presentation before they get on with the practical part.  I had to explain the director roles in details for them to be comfortable on taking the lead after. As much as most people believe directing is not very practical, however the director is one of the most important person on the set.  The director has to have a good understanding of everyone’s role, they work closely with each crew members and they have a good communication.

The practical side of the workshop was good, seeing them stepping outside of their comfort zone as some of them never tried taking full control of filming; and working closely with camera and sound (saying action and cut can be very forgettable) was great.

The way we switched roles with them I think was really useful to figure which role of film-making they will enjoy the most and would want to develop it more. As some of them found it was more relaxing being the sound operator and so liked taking the lead of directing.

The response we had after the workshop was quite satisfying, as they said ‘Films are not easy, it’s harder than they seem’ for them to understand the progress of film-making even for a couple of hours was good.  Having a brief understanding of each role and how to structure a shoot where is a good location, syncing the image with sound and converting the files were all explained during the workshop. However if I could do it again, I would have gone into more depth on work with the other crews and being more technical.

Here is the link of some feedbacks 

Feed Back Skills Sharing – Tahmina from CP Scratch Videos on Vimeo.

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