Skills Sharing Workshop

On the 27th March my team Constant pictures, led a workshop which enabled others to learn different technical skills used in film making.  The workshop was also utilised as a personal development opportunity for members of my team. We had to teach others a skill that we had learnt during the course of being on the Headstart programme. We each chose a skill that we would feel most comfortable to teach to other individuals.  In which I felt most confident that I had mastered how to operate the sound kit.

The sound kit comprised of the following equiptment;

  • Recorder
  • Boom
  • Head phones

Before demonstrating to the audience, I explained to them what the sound kit is used for, and examples of when it would be used.

During the workshop, I demonstrated the basics of a sound kit:

  • Turning the device on/off
  • How to use the boom & boomstick
  • How to record/pause/stop
  • Formatting

After explaining the basics, I briefly illustrated them how to control the sound volume; recording volume and the peak levels.

I feel that my workshop went really well, as we received positive feedback from the audience. However, I missed out on explaining a few little details, as the time went by quickly. But luckily I got across all the information needed to be able to do the task.

Here are videos of some of the participants giving feedback on the workshop:

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