Arts Challenges

Yesterday, in Constant Picture’s session, we discussed everyone’s ‘SWA’ (Strengths, Weaknesses and Aspirations). One of my aspirations is to run my own production company but I have some weaknesses that may get in the way of that such as lack of confidence. I also find that I’m not as skilled in directing as I am in other things like operating the camera and would like the challenge of developing that skill.

I think taking a directing role will help with my confidence and I have talked to my group about taking that role in some of our new and unfinished projects. I will be directing one of our six short films about young inspiring people from London. We are at the beginning stage of making a film about Kayo and his career/life as a poet. I am looking forward to this but also feeling quite nervous as I shy away from lead roles often. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy directing so it’ll be nice to find out what I think of it!

I will also take the directing role in documenting A New Direction’s Two Nations event at The Freeword Centre in Farringdon on 21st June.

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