Working with industry professionals

Dominik Rippl is a Director of Photography based in London.
He  has worked on many music video such as Dizzie Rascal, Graftin and a short film called Gaza London.
I would  love to work with this cinematographer and gain valuable experience.

July 2012
I have contacted Dominik Ripple by e.mail and he has agreed to get me on a shoot with him later this year. I’m hoping to pick up some experience of working with the RED camera.

In the meantime I have since worked with Alex Hatjoullis from Shroom Studios
Alex has a Post Production company with his brother Christos and is based in Hackney.

To put the name ‘Two Nations’ on the ident I was directing we needed to work with a VFX EDITOR. It was interesting to see the process an experienced effects editor goes through and the different software they use in one day. Alex took the footage in to ‘Syntheyes’ to track the movement and the geography of the shot. The programme marks out the space and movement with green crosses and then calculates where everything is within the frame so when you place something new in it like lettering, it know exactly how to position it to make it look like it’s in the space.

Alex then imported that file in to After Effects to create the letters. He then sent the file to a friend of his who is a specialist in creating light effects in ‘Lightbox’. His friend added a light source to create dramatic shadows and shine to the lettering.

I have also been searching for jobs independently via websites like  Mandy, Film crew pro, Talent Circle ETC. I have got some jobs and im teaching a Photography and film course with a very respected event manager and photographer Simon Green and Gaffer and Lighting Technician Rufai Ajala.

This is allowing me to improve my confidence in talking/teaching a group of students and allowing me to pass on my knowledge to them.

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