My Arts Challenge

In my team, Constant Pictures, we had to find our SWA (Strengths, Weaknesses, Aspirations) for our arts challenge. One of my strengths are using the sound kit, and my weakness is using the camera. But an achievement I would like to make is to have made a documentary.


  • Using the boom stick
  • Using the sound recording device
  • Interviewing
  • Storyboarding and ideas


  • Operating the camera
  • Editing


  • To have made a documentary about someone or an issue/topic.

For my Arts Challenge I have chosen to try and get involved in more hands-on filming opportunities. I have chosen this to be my arts challenge because, I feel that I need more of an understanding on how to use the camera. Also, I would like to be able to use the camera independently and confidently. I have given myself a month to complete my arts challenge and reach my targets.

My Action Plan:







[People, places, equipment etc]



7th May

Wed 9th May

5.30 – 8.30

Constant Pictures Session: SWA analysis Decide on Arts challenge      

14th May


21st May

31st May Two Nations Ident Film a bit of the ident   To have filmed some part of the ident  

28th May


4th Jun



11th Jun

18th Jun 21st June


Film two Nations Event: 6.00 – 9.00 [arrive 5.00pm]


    Have a bit of confidence whilst operating the camera.

25th Jun


2nd Jul


9th Jul

  Get other people’s feedback   People to feedback on work    

16th Jul

17th Jul 3pm Arts Award Moderation     Make sure have other people’s feedback  

7th May – Constant Pictures discussed the idea of producing an ident for the Two Nations event. I was happy to be apart of it, and to gain some hands-on experience with the camera. but I felt quite nervous about it, because I wasn’t sure how I was going to film it, as I had not used the camera independently before.

31st May – We have filmed the ident in Walthamstow Central. At first, I was quite nervous about filming the ident, but instead of filming all of it, I filmed a part of it. This allowed me to still gain a bit of camera experience, which pushed my confidence, and not feel pressured into filming excellent shots.

20th June – Constant Pictures decided to allow me to film the up coming event Two Nations. I was quite thrilled to do this, as I knew it was a live event, which meant nothing could be re-taken. I knew that this would help develop my confidence with the camera.

21st June – This day I filmed the event independently, but with the help of  Winstan to show me all the features of the camera I did not know. I felt proud of myself for filming the event, even though I had little knowledge and skill of the camera. Also, by filming the event, it gave me a taster of what it may be like to film a documentary.

I have chosen to film the ident and event for Two Nations because it relates to what I would like to achieve – which is to make a documentary about someone or an issue. The Two Nations event is exploring a common topic of how multi-cultured our current generation is. As this is factual, I feel that it will give me some experience of how it will be to film a documentary.


  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Someone to help me operate the camera (Winstan)

I successfully achieved my first target of filming a part of the ident, also along with my second target of having some sort of confidence whilst operating the camera at the Two Nations event. See the results of the Two Nations Event filming here:

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