Bauhaus Art as Life Review

On Saturday 12th May, I attended the Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition. I thought it was very interesting and unusual, because of the type of art it was show casing. The Bauhaus was the 20th century’s most influential design movement. Common furniture such as tables;
chairs and rugs that we see in our homes and IKEA were influenced by the Bauhaus.

The top 3 most interesting pieces of art I saw would have to be:
1.)Kurt Schmid and Toni Hergr – The Adventures of The Little Hunchbuck
2.)Unknown Artist – Bauhaus Re-ordering Study
3.)Eduard Ludwig – The Dwelling of Our Time

But my favourite piece is the sketch of the buildings, with an image of someone walking through the street (number 3). 
This was special to me because I've always wanted a piece of architecture drawing to be a realistic size, so that I could
explore the buildings in the sketches. Just how the image of the person in the sketch is. I think that the exhibition was
good because people of all ages could relate to it. However, I do feel it was mainly targeted at adults, because it had 
quite a bit of text to read. In order to understand what the Bauhaus is, you had to read all the information they 
provided you with.I would definitely recommend the bauhaus: art as life exhibition to other people, because it is a great
way of learning how modern architecture first came about.
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3 thoughts on “Bauhaus Art as Life Review

  1. eelynlee says:

    When I was an art & design student many moons ago I was really inspired by the Bauhaus particularly the architecture of Le Corbusier and the theatre of Oskar Schlemmer so I was excited to hear about the exhibition at the Barbican. I went to see it last week – I enjoyed seeing the chairs and the photographs of the students which I’d never seen before.

  2. sandyconstantpictures says:

    I really liked the 7 puppets by Oskar Schlemmer, It was great to see how much they have done in 1923.

  3. shajna says:

    It was interesting that you said you felt it was targeted at adults – how do you think they could have improved that?

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