Canary Wharf screen review

On Friday the 13th of June I attended the Canary Wharf Screen project which is part of TFL’s ‘Art on the Underground’ programme and this year it was screened at one of the busiest tube stations. This screening showed different types of film projects but the one I attended was called Season 2: Animate project. A massive screen has been rigged at the end of Canary Wharf Underground Station where animation films can be viewed. I found the place incredible because you can still hear the trains passing by and the announcers calling at the same time as the audio from the films.  The only disadvantage about the location is that it is at the end of the ticket hall, where one must go through the ticket area to view the screen.

13, 2004 by Simon Faithfull

13, 2004 by Simon Faithfull

They have screened around 16 five to ten minutes of different kinds of animation films.  These films were inspired by travelling and the theme of ‘move on up’ – fitting for the train station location.  All the animations used audio, some of them were music, others included interviews. For example, the Early Birds which was 5.17 min, was talking about one’s memories but in the contrast of birds.

My favourite one was ‘As the Crow Flies’ by Carolina Melis & Susanne Flender, a 5.20min film. This was my favourite film because of the type of animation it used. I have since done some background research and discovered that it was created by 500 members of the public from around the UK. It started with a simple image of a bird created from memories and it ended in a great piece of animation.

As the Crow Flies

This animate project will be running until the 26th of August in Canary Wharf underground station.

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8 thoughts on “Canary Wharf screen review

  1. shajna says:

    Were the sounds of the trains and the announcers distracting in any way?

  2. eelynlee says:

    Glad you went to see this Sandy. The posters on the underground advertising it have really caught my eye – can’t wait to see it for myself. I like what you say about the sounds of the passing trains and announcements….. it must give the screen a sense of theatre. Did you see any of Michael Landy’s ‘Kindness of Strangers’? I read some really moving stories…..

    • sandyconstantpictures says:

      Yes it was a really good screening time, I don’t think I came across any of Michael’s work but I will check his work out.

  3. jonellewilliams says:

    This looks really good Sandy. Has the screening opened up any opportunities for you to get more involved in animation?

    • sandyconstantpictures says:

      It didn’t open any opportunities for me as it was just screen, there weren’t any artists or member of the screening there so didn’t have any discussion. But it actually opened my mind up to different types of animations I could try and be involved in.

  4. GaryThomas says:

    This is Gary from Animate – thanks very much for writing about our programme. You can see the films again on our website And you can also find another film by Carolina Melis – who co-directed As the Crow Flies – called Regarding Gardens.

    • sandyconstantpictures says:

      Thank you for showing interest in my blog, the screening was great and I will check the animate project out.

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