My Leadership Role Review

What happened?

For my leadership role project, I ran a workshop teaching my participant how to set-up a camera for filming. This included me teaching her:

  • The names of all the equipment
  • What the uses are of the equipment
  • How to handle the equipment carefully

I allowed my participant to get a hands-on opportunity to learn the set-up of the camera. I showed her how to:

  • take out and put in the battery
  • turn the camera on/off
  • set the camera on filming mode
  • extend and contract the tripod
  • attach the camera to the tripod
  • use the tripod

After completing the project, my participant was able to explain to me how to set-up the camera. She was also able to present back to me everything I have taught her.

What I enjoyed

Through out the whole of the project, I feel that I enjoyed the success of the project the most. This is because I know that I needed to build my confidence. By completing the project independently, I have gained confidence knowing that I can do something that requires someone entirely depending on me.

But I have also enjoyed watching my participant learn a new skill. Seeing her develop from being unsure about some of the things to fully understanding how to set-up the camera, makes me feel satisfied with myself.

The most difficult part

I didn’t find that anything was difficult about the project, but I think the most complicated part of project was trying to find a skill I could share with the participant.

3 thoughts on “My Leadership Role Review

  1. eelynlee says:

    Sounds like you led a thorough workshop Jonelle 🙂

  2. sandyconstantpictures says:

    Well done, good to see you passing on your skills.

  3. shajna says:

    Maybe you could teach me a thing or two!

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