Planning My Leadership Role

My Role

For my project leadership role, I have decided to teach a fellow Headstarter how to set up a camera and the camera tripod. This will be completed over a course of 2 weeks. I will be leading the workshop independently, and take control over everything that happens during it. I will offer any advice or answer any questions they may have relating to the topic of what I will be teaching – the camera.


In order to run the project successfully, I will need to have the following equipment:

  • Camera body
  • Camera lenses
  • Battery
  • Tripod
  • Notes – to keep check that I have covered all the important parts of the workshop

This equipment will be provided for me by the organisation I’m apart of – A New Direction.


Despite the fact that the project will not be life-threatening or dangerous, safety of myself and the participant has to be considered. Therefore, I will have to complete a check on the equipment and my participant for any safety risks. For example, if the battery for the camera was damaged. Or perhaps, if my participant could not carry heavy equipment.

Back-up plan

I have made a back-up plan if  the project goes down hill, such as not having all the equipment needed, or the participant not being able to take part in the project anymore.

I have decided that if the project goes wrong at some point, I will have another skill that I could teach my participant. This will be sharing interviewing skills. But if the problem is anything to do with my participant, then I will arrange a replacement for the participant.

If anything else goes wrong besides the equipment or the participant, then I will have to improve to keep my project running.

Will the project be a success?

I will know that the project has been a success, if the person I am teaching is able to show me exactly what it is that I have taught them. Or if they are able to present a workshop to someone else teaching them what it is that they have learnt from me.

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