Q&A at Hackney Academy Review

On 10th June, I attended a Q&A session at the Hackney Academy held in the Hackney Picturehouse. I was able to get involved in the academy by booking a space. I did this by using the link below:


I attended the session regarding the film industry, which had some of film & t.v’s biggest names on the UK film scene. Some of the names included:

  • Tim and Barry
  • Arinze Kene
  • A film set runner
  • A Hollyoaks actress

From attending this Q&A, I have learnt that:

  • It is a stressful industry
  • Not to let failure keep you back
  • Always try your hardest
  • It is easier to start your career than you think

With this opportunity to attend the Q&A it has given me more opportunities to get involved in the film industry. For example, now I know about upcoming events that allow young people to get advice, also, that people in the film industry are always looking for someone new to join their projects. For example, producers are always on the scout for scriptwriters to make the next big cinema/television hit.

I am pleased that I attended this session as it has given me more motivation to continue learning about the film/t.v industry.

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