Working with artists

As part of making the Two Nations ident I have experienced working with Alex Hatjoullis a 3D effects editor and co-director of Shroom Studio. I found working with Alex on this project very exciting not only because I was briefly introduced to After Effects programme, but I also got to see how a 3D animation video is made.

This is me and Muzzammil working with Alex:

It took us a day to edit this 10 second clip, and to create the 3D dimension we wanted with the Two Nation sign. Alex had to cut the area around the dancers to fit the 3D words and use another programme to fit it and tilt it.

I had done lots of research around other workshops before I worked with Alex, I found a great 5 week animation workshop through Ideastap but due to the timing and my availability I could not attend it.  I also found a good opportunity to be involved in a music video workshop with Iconic Steps Film which is a genre of film-making that I would love to explore.

This part of the art award helped me discover the different types of workshops that I could possibly join in the future. I am currently working with Eelyn Lee production  and the Barbican on a film about some American Jazz musicians.

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