Arts Challenge Review

Final Ident

This is the final ident that was played at the event. It got a very good response from the client and the audience. On the shoot everything went smoothy with the filming with only a minor problem with the dancers’ expenses which were sorted out after myself and my colleague went through the receipts and paid the right reimbursements to each dancer.

The filming went well and the shots we got were the ones that I intended. I also filmed some additional footage from an alternative angle so as to have some back-up shots in case the intended ones were not sufficient.  I had to add some light to the close up of the dancer so we could see her face.

In post production the VFX editor Alex did exactly what I had envisioned and we got it done within budget. He gave us some tips on what we could have done to make the job easier and more importantly cheaper at the same time.

In the future I plan to take more time in pre-production and talk to the dancers more to get the information to them clearer so there is not confusion and problems on set. This will allow the film crew to film more so we have more stuff to work with in post production.

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