In late June I attended one of the most anticipated events happening in East London: BBC  Hackney Weekender.  It took place over a weekend and produced some mind blowing music from stars like Jay Z, Plan B, JME,  and Skepta.

When I finally entered the venue (Hackney Marshes) after waiting in the queue for over 1 1|2 hours I came to a lively festival atmosphere where people were happy to hear good music playing from every corner of the marshes and to be served by the politest festival staff I’ve ever met. There were different sections in the festivel. These were the DJ TENT, 1 EXTRA TENT, Stage Name BBC Introducing Stage, The Music We Trust Tent.  All these tents contained ‘A-Listers’’ to up and coming stars from every genre including grime, hip hop and pop.

This gave upcoming acts a chance to show their talent to the general public which in turn diversifies their audenice.

I really do think organisers have delivered a really good festival for the community which has made a positive impact, bringing the young and old together and more importantly bringing a Great Britain together to enjoy and be happy together. GOOD JOB BBC




  1. eelynlee says:

    Wow. Great to hear such a positive review and even better to hear that the organisers got it right. I like your comment about how it was good to have young and old at one event – hopefully there’ll be more events that achieve this sense of community.

  2. It was a great day, which were you favourite act?

  3. shajna says:

    I was there too! I had a great time, which acts were you looking forward to see?

  4. jonellewilliams says:

    That sounds like a fantastic day! Were there any disappointing acts?

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