My Arts Challenge

One of my strengths is directing but I lack the confidence in producing. I would also like to develop my skills in communicating my ideas to a team so to improve these things I have set myself a challenge to co-produce and direct an ident for the Two Nations Event. Developing these skills will help me achieve my goal which is to set up my own production company making music videos and ads.

The Brief
In early May 2012 I was asked to make a short 10 second ident to promote an event about identity and the Olympics. I was set a brief to represent different nations and create an image of ‘bringing people together’.

The Research  
I spent 1 week looking at various idents from various different companies (Channel 4, BBC GEO,NDTV IMAGINE) and looked at photographs from different times in history. During my research I stumbled upon a dance video. As I wanted my ident to be original and ‘funky’ but get the message across effectively I thought a dance themed video could be the perfect solution.

The Idea
As dance is a very physical activity which requires a lot of trust in the people you work with I concluded that an image of a group of dancers could represent ‘bringing people together’. This was the basis of the ident: young people from different ethnicities coming together to do a dance flash mob in front of a BBC Live Site Screen.

The Schedule
The project has a very tight turn-around so my co-producer Sandy and myself have got to work well together and efficiently. These are the key dates in our schedule:

May 15th: Attend the Two Nations planning session and discuss the brief
May 16th: Discuss the brief with Sandy & start research
May 22nd: Present ideas to the two Nations group
May 24th: Find dancers
May 25th: Recce Location
May 26th: Crew up
May 29th: Finalise shooting schedule
May 31st: SHOOT
Jun 7th: Review footage & plan edit
Jun 8th: Commission music
Jun 14th: EDIT
Jun 15th: get final sign-off
Jun 18th: Ident goes live
Jun 21st: Two Nations Event

We are going to need support in finding dancers for the shoot and get access to resources to pay for their travel and expenses. We will also require ‘playback’ for the shoot so someone will need to bring a CD player.

I am happy to use my own camera. Ideally we would use a Steadicam but don’t have the budget to hire one!

We will need to source an editor with the right skills i.e. 3D graphics

The Milestones & Progress

Pre Production
By May 22nd we should have our idea signed-off so at this point we must start planning the shoot.
Progress: Fran who has set the brief is happy with the idea. She will help us source the dancers from a local college.

By May 28th everything should be in place for the shoot i.e. Call sheets done and shooting schedule prepared
Progress: Sandy has prepared the call sheet and contacted al the dancers

Post Production
By Jun 10th we need to have booked an editor and commissioned the music
Progress: Eelyn has found an editor from Shroom Studios  who will work with us on 14th. Richard Hale has agreed to make a track similar to the one we were using on the day of the shoot.

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