My Leadership Project

To develop my arts leadership skills I will produce & direct a music video for the Truce Event. The video will promote a track by the upcoming artist Bilal.
As well as developing the creative idea I will co-ordinate and manage the shoot which will involve 8 cast members and 9 crew:

Myself – Producer / Director
Eelyn Lee – Executive Producer
Winstan Whitter – Director of Photography
Sandy Abdelrahman – 1st Assistant Directot
Shajna Begum – Sound Recordist
Tahmina Rahman – Stills Photographer
Make-up Artist
2 x boat crew

As we will be filming on a boat it will be quite a challenge to manage over an intense 10 hours.


  • Most importantly I need to find a boat to film on. I will contact the Shoreditch Festival who have contacts with barge-owners in Hackney. Eelyn will contact some friends of friends who have barges moored on the canal.
  • Once we have a boat I can then lock-down the storyboard and do the casting. It will be a challenge getting all the extras and a leading lady to play alongside Bilal. Bilal’s manager has offered to help me source some of the cast.
  • Winstan has agreed to film the video. I will need to go through the kit list with him and make sure he has everything he needs.
  • I have decided to include some sections in the video with scripted dialogue so I will need to find someone to help me write it.
  • We will need some props which I’ll get from a variety of sources. E.g. I have asked a friend of mine to make some flyers that will feature in the video.

Measuring the Success
I will know if the project has worked if:

  • we manage to get all the shots within the allocated time
  • everyone turns up
  • everyone is still speaking to each other by the end of the day
  • the edit is completed on time & in budget
  • we have a successful screening

After the screening I will ask people what they thought of the video and the people who took part I will ask them about their experiences of the shoot itself. Hopefully they will be honest about my leadership skills

Back-up Plan & Further Action
If we can’t get a boat I would like to film on a roof so I am starting to make enquiries about roof-top locations.
We also need to find out about the route the boat would take so I need to do a recce of the canals in Hackney.

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