Art Challenge Review

Last Week I finished taking both challenges for my Silver Arts Award and they were both great experiences that I would love to do again.  On Friday the 13th of July I worked with Constant Pictures crew on filming the Barking and Dagenham 1min film as the producer. The shooting for this day went really well, we stuck to the call-sheet and our schedule even though we were delayed an hour due to the contributor’s lateness but as soon as he arrived our cameras were rolling.

As a producer I think there are a few things I could improve on to make the schedule and the shooting run smoother in the future, such as  sending the call-sheet a while before hand, and always preparing for a plan B.

Earlier this month I worked on the Truce music video which was directed by Muzzammil. On this shoot I experienced for the first time the role of the 1st Assistant Director. After Eelyn Lee’s feedback I think I did a good job. I tried sticking  to the schedule and becoming the director’s ‘right-hand person’.

Working on Bilal’s Music Video

For future notice I will try to communicate more with the film crew, especially the director. It’s a huge responsibility as the 1st Assistant Director needs to keep everything on track.

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