Arts Challenge: Planning

For my arts challenge, I will be producing and directing a short documentary that captures the Two Nations event. Two Nations is an inquiry bringing together young Londoners from A New Direction’s Headstart programme to present an evening of poetry, debate and film asking Londoners who they want to win at the Olympics and why.

This short documentary project is for A New Direction, the company that is in charge of the Headstart programme. I have an action plan which will help me to make sure the night of the documenting goes smoothly.

[Click on the image to view enlarged version]

I have assembled a crew:

Myself – Director/Producer

Jonelle – Camerawoman

Marie-Solange – Sound Recordist

Winstan Whitter – Film Facilitator

Eelyn Lee – Executive Producer

Francis Morgan-Giles – Editor

There are a number of things that can go wrong such as people arriving late or not turning up and missing/wrong equipments. I will arrive earlier than the event start time to check everything/everyone is in place, if not, this means I will have some time to get things sorted before the event starts.

I need to find out the running schedule of the event which I will email A New Direction’s staff about.

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