Arts Challenge: Review

I produced and directed a short documentary that captured the Two Nations event. Here is the finished work!

Directing was a big challenge for me, I’m not used to taking the lead role but I soon got comfortable in my role on the night of the event. I think we managed to get some shots that we wanted and we got on well as a team. However, we did lack communication as a team, there were times I was missing my team and I didn’t know where they wandered off to! Marie-Solange was our sound recordist but she wasn’t always around so I had to step in as the sound recordist at times. I need to improve on directing my team for next time.

I collected some feedback from the team, particularly from Eelyn, the executive producer, and Francis, the editor.

Constant Pictures – Technical Feedback from Two Nations Event


  • Remember to film the file name on the sound recorder every time you take a new shot.
  • Make sure the sound recorder is clear on camera, if it’s blurry, we can’t see the file name.
  • Cut/Action for camera and sound needs to be synchronised. Always do the following 3 x things:

1. Clap

2. Say file name

3. Record the File number on the WAV recorder

NB. if you forget, do it at the end – this is called an ‘end board’


  • Check focus on camera & keep checking!
  • Shutter speed to be in sync with lighting i.e. 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 etc [divisions of 25]
  • Make sure you use the right frame (25p)
  • Record at 48Kz on camera
  • White balance


  • Communication: tell the director where you’re going and vice versa.
  • Concentrate on action, e.g. Jasmine’s poem – cutaway to the audience at the end, not during the poem.
  • Check the shots the camera operator is getting – particularly before an interview


  • Check time stamp on sound recorder is correct.
  • Record some ‘atmos’
  • Record at 48Kz on Wav recorder

I learnt a lot while I was in the editing studio – following the above feedback makes editing a lot easier and faster. I did find this directing role to be useful in developing my confidence but I also felt it was a bit of a messy night, sort of disorganised. This is something that needs working on for my next project.

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