Leadership Review

Bilal- Tonight

On set of the music video I had from 8am to 5pm to shoot the video. I had asked all cast and crew to come down so we could get as much time to shoot. I had to shoot 2 scenes from the intro; 3 stories which included at least five different angles and 4 to 5 performance shots by Bilal.

I really enjoyed directing the video, I loved all aspects of directing from telling the artist what I wanted him to do, and feeding my Director of Photography my ideas and my vision.

I found producing difficult but I especially found casting the actors and the model at the last minute very hard. I went through various problems with people pulling out, people demanding the money etc. I finally found everyone and got the model confirmed the night before.

I got mixed reviews from the audeicne. Most people found the the video was shot well but were not impressed with the editing and the performances from the artist and model. The general tone was that the music does not suit the music video.

I have taken the reviews on board. Although I agree with some I also disagree with some. I agree that parts of the video do not suit the artist but this video was not made for Bilal it was made for the Truce event and for A New Direction as they were my clients. This video meets their brief so the video works.

I have learned a lot about leadership and the duties of a producer. This project has allowed me to improve my leadership skills and me taking control of a set.

I have learned how to plan a music video in pre production. This is from the idea stage to the shots that i need to the action and dialogue .

3 thoughts on “Leadership Review

  1. eelynlee says:

    I think you did a fantastic job of making this happen and managing a challenging shoot on the day. With more time you could have achieved a different look in the edit but I feel you have learnt so much from doing this that I look forward to seeing your next music video.

    And BTW I think the ring joke makes the film πŸ™‚

  2. It was a good shootng day, I think we captured alot in a rainny day. And it was nice seeing a serious side of you.

  3. shajna says:

    Well done Muzzammil, I think you should be proud of yourself. πŸ™‚

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