Leadership Role Review

Producing the Two Nations Ident was the first time for me working as a producer and I went through some difficulties before and after the shoot.

Firstly, the Director couldn’t travel to the location due to Oyster card problems so as a producer I bought him an new Oyster Card, which  delayed the shoot 15 minutes. Not only that but after arriving at the location I had found that I had mistakenly put the wrong location address on the call-sheet which meant that all the dancers were at the wrong place. After getting in touch with another crew member we were able to resolve the problem and start the shoot – but an hour late.

The shoot went just great with a brilliant atmosphere as the dancers gave their best at each performance which we filmed more than 10 times to get the best shot. However the crisis started again while dealing with their expenses, as none of them had travel receipts, but after discussion with the director it was sorted out.

I have enjoyed this experience even though I went through a lot of  issues because it showed me a different side to film making and it took me outside my comfort zone which is directing. It put me right in the spotlight in front of everyone. Here’s the results of our hard work:

2 thoughts on “Leadership Role Review

  1. eelynlee says:

    Sounds like you handled some challenging situations really well – especially as you hadn’t met the dancers before! The finished film looks great.

  2. shajna says:

    Wow, you had quite a lot of disasters but well done for managing to deal with them and producing a great ident!

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