My Leadership Project: Planning

For my leadership project, I will be directing and co-producing a one minute film about Kayo, a young poet from London. I have a small team who will help to make this shoot a success.

Myself – Director/Co-producer

Sandy – Co-producer/Sound recordist

Muzzammil – Cameraman

Eelyn – Executive Producer

Sandy and I are working closely together in planning the shoot and I am talking a lot to Eelyn about my ideas. I will need to book the right camera and sound equipments from A New Direction and get them to the shoot safely.

I need to stay in contact with the team and keep them updated with the planning and schedule and I need to stay in contact with Kayo to find out his availability. I also need to find out more about Kayo’s poems and select one to use for the film. I will need to meet up with Kayo prior to the shoot in his home town as that is where the film will be based on.

I will know the project has worked if we manage to get all the shots within the allocated time, if everyone is still speaking to each other by the end of the day and if the edit is completed on time and in budget.

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