My Leadership Project: Review

I took the leading role in directing and co-producing a one minute film about Kayo and his life as a young poet. Here is the finished work:

The original idea for this film was to shoot it all in one cut in a 360° view. Below is an example of a one shot video:

However, I had to slightly change the idea of the film as the poem I chose to use was longer than one minute. I decided to use extracts from the poem instead and to make the film a short interview/documentary. But one thing we did keep – the 360° view which I was really happy about as I wanted to experiment with that kind of style.

I enjoyed working with Kayo and trying to generate ideas for the film. I actually found directing the shoot quite difficult as I’m not used to lead roles and have never really directed before. I got some feedback from other people, during the shoot and in the editing studio and will take them all on board.

  • Interview techniques: work on getting better/more interesting answers from the interviewee
  • Check camera/sound settings are correct

I think I have been given useful feedback and they will definitely help me for future projects. I’ve learnt a lot about leadership, I’ve learnt that people rely on you heavily and that you’ve got to be quick in getting all the required information. A crew member was unsure of what her role was, I now know that we need to establish roles sooner. Planning the shoot went quite well but there was a big mistake – I didn’t have Kayo’s contact number! I managed to get it in the end, in time for the shoot. Having just his email address made the planning slower than it should have been.

If I was to do this differently for next time, I’d maybe think about doing the interview in a different style – maybe in one location instead of a couple of different locations.

Directing the Shoot

2 thoughts on “My Leadership Project: Review

  1. eelynlee says:

    I think the film is really strong. You can see the development of your ideas and how you have responded both to the poem and the location. Great to see you directing 🙂

  2. The final film is great can’t believe we filmed and edited in in just 2 days.

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