Planning the leadership project.

My leadership project will be the Two Nation Ident video. I will take the role of Producer and Co-Director which will involve me in developing creative ideas; working out the logistics; co-ordinating cast & crew; managing expenses & the shooting schedule and ensuring a safe shoot on location.

Other members of the team will include Constant Pictures crew:

Muzzammil – Director/Cameraman
Jonelle – Camera Assistant/Runner

I will also be managing a team of performers who will appear in the ident.

The Idea
We initially came up with an interesting idea for the Ident but to make it work we would have needed more than a day to edit and more than 30 seconds to tell the story. Instead we came up with the idea of a dancing flash-mob wearing flags from around the world.


  • To make this Ident work we will need help in finding the dancers in a short time frame.  The Headstart team have offered to help  find the dancers and will cover travel expenses for them.
  • As for the camera kit we will use Muzzammil’s kit on the day.
  • Also from the Producer’s side I need to be involved in mainly all the emails/calls circulating and make sure everyone knows their roles and where they need to be and at what time.

Measuring the success:

I will know if the project has worked if:

  • Everyone turns up on time and in the right location.
  • Keeping the shooting to the right schedule.
  • Health and Safety to all the dancers and filming crew.
  • The Ident is finished by the deadline given.
  • We have a successful screening.
Back-up Plan & Further Action-
My back up plan is for the weather. As we’re going to film in an open public square rain will be a danger for the dancers safety. Therefore there will be a ‘plan B’ of changing the location to somewhere under cover [Location B]. Also, if due to any security reasons we have to evacuate the area we’ll move to location B.

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