walthamstow urban classics

The event that i am going to review is urban classics which took place in walthamstow, east london on july the 5th 2012. the event was 1 of 6 that was held in walthamstow which was part of the big 6 waltham forest events. the event that i went to was the last one of 6 so and i feel that it was very good, there were many artists there such as; skepta, devlin, ed sheran and fazer from N-Dubz. they were all accompanied by the bbc orchestra. i feel that the lay out of the event was very good as it was spacious and everything was set out in different areas but it was all within nice walking distance. the only thing i feel that let them down was not sorting out the mics and in ear technical gear for example when acts such as Ms. Dynamite was singing she was asking for the in ear mics to be turned up as she couldn’t hear herself. apart from that i feel the event was a success and i really enjoyed it.


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